High Net Worth individuals

Assets worth £1m to £10m?

Wealthy people are often busy people, and appreciate the value of having all their professional advisers in one place.

When you've accrued over £1m in assets, the financial industry would describe you as 'high net worth' (HNW for short).  If you're in this position, you'll probably find all kinds of suppliers scrambling for your business.  But you're discerning, and therefore likely to be selective about the providers you choose.

Here's why you should consider us.

We've managed the financial affairs of HNW people since 1994, some who made their money by starting an entrepreneurial business, and some who benefited from generous share option schemes.  Some have made tens of millions, many significantly less.

At websters, you can get your accountancy and tax planning done in the same place as your financial and legal planning.  Our wealthy clients tell us they value this one-stop approach.  The advantage is that all your information is gathered in one place, which saves you time and hassle, whether you want to complete your annual tax return, minimise your tax liability, or update your will.  Also, to cover your international interests, we have expertise covering the UK, US and Australia.

Whatever help you need, you'll benefit from the family feeling of working with a small team of experts who genuinely care about you.

By the way, even though we provide financial and legal advice as well as tax and accountancy services, we're equally happy to work with your existing contacts.

If you'd like help with your admin, we'll be happy to introduce you to our friends at CamPA - expert PA services for individuals and businesses.