Tax planning

Business HMRC investigations

The founder of Websters is an ex-Inspector of Taxes and dealing with HMRC investigations is a key skill for the team.

websters has amassed over the years a particular expertise in successfully advising and assisting clients with HMRC investigations. As more investigation units have been set up by HMRC the number of investigations has inevitably risen. websters team of tax advisers will ensure that practical repayment arrangements are negotiated with HMRC for sensible fees.

Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) can reduce their risk by keeping good, clear records and working with their accountants to ensure their returns are filed on time and everything they need to declare is stated. If you are doing your accounts yourself, mistakes can be made and HMRC does not see ignorance as a defence!

With careful planningaccurate accounting and tax planning, you can ensure your risk of investigation is lowered even further.