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We’ll help you decide where’s best to invest in the first place, and when it would be wise to move your money around.

Expert investment advisors here to guide you 

Investing is an ongoing process. It's important to consider carefully your investment options to limit financial risk and maximise returns in line with market fluctuations. 

At Websters, our Cambridge-based financial advisors take the time to understand your personal and financial goals before structuring your investment strategies. We understand that having your wealth available, at the right time is essential. 

Whether you are new to investments, are looking for advice on family investments to secure your family's future, or are an ultra-high net worth or high net worth individual looking for investment management advice, we are here to help.

What does an investment advisor do?

An investment advisor is a professional hired to construct a personal financial plan to meet the client's financial goals - they use their expertise in a variety of economic areas before making decisions, such as tax position, economic conditions, trends, and attitude to risk. An investment advisor will create a plan tailored to you that will not only include pensions and investments, but also savings, insurance, tax strategies, expenditure, and likely milestones.

Investment management 

Investment managers takes decisions about which investments should be included in portfolios that match the clients' values and risk profiles - they then monitor the performance of the selections, report to the client, and suggest changes to the holdings in response to market conditions and client requirements.

Tax structuring

During the ongoing investment process, we work through complex tax issues involved in your investments to ensure that the most tax-efficient structure is chosen, minimising any unnecessary taxation and potential tax penalties. 

Our approach 

With over twenty years of experience in the tax and accounting industry, our experienced and qualified financial advisors go out of their way to meet your investment needs, we can: 

  • Schedule regular meetings to review and monitor the progress of your investments and make any necessary adjustments or recommendations to limit the potential financial loss and increase future gains within your risk profile.
  • Co-ordinate all of the sector experts to assist you in handling complex financial issues in relation to investing, such as personal financial planning, inheritance tax planning, and accounting services. 
  • Provide an in-depth annual review of your investments. 
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