International Service

Inward investment into the UK for Individuals

If you are investing in the UK as an individual we can help.

If you have made - or are planning to make - your first investment into a UK business or property puchase then you will want to take advice. How to structure your investments - how does the UK differ from your home country. You need an adviser who is expert in more than UK tax and accountancy with an understanding of how cross-border investments are treated. 

We cannot claim country specific expertise for every country in the world - but we have dealt with investors from many countries and can work with their existing advisers on those issues which typically arise on cross border transactions.

Whether you are buying property for investment or as a home you need to understand the UK tax rules. If you are employed then your employer may not be able to explain the effects of UK tax matters on overseas tax e.g. Share Options if you are offered them by an employer