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Expat tax advice: Australia & UK

Specialists in Australian tax returns and financial advice for expats - and clients around the world.

Tax advice for British expats in Australia

Most Australian residents are required to fill in a tax return each year to end of June. 

If you are a UK citizen moving to or living in Australia, our small and highly-trained team of experts can prepare cost-effective tax returns to save you the hassle and to help ensure accuracy. 

Australian tax advice for expats in the UK

As an Australian living in the UK, you must adhere to UK tax requirements, which are very different from those in Australia. We understand the complexities of both countries’ rules and are experts in preparing tax returns that are accurate and cost-effective. 

How we can help you

websters offers a FREE half hour confidential consultation to discuss your circumstances and any potential US tax issues. 

Whether you are still planning your move to Australia, need an Australian tax return or are leaving Australia for the UK we can help.

Our expat tax return services include:

  • Complete both Australian and UK tax returns;

  • Handle both sides of the tax equation to avoid double taxation and simplify your affairs;

  • Advise those coming to the UK or moving to Australia on both tax and financial planning issues whether the move is expected to be short or long term;

  • Advise on tax planning issues such as the consolidation of UK and Australian pension provision including transfers to QROPS (qualifying recognised overseas pension scheme). 

In addition to expat services, we also provide tax returns and tax advice for Australians through our Sydney office. Find out more here.

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