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Australian tax returns

Our Sydney based team handle Australian tax returns for clients around the world

Most Australian residents are required to fill in a tax return each year to end of June. Our small team prepare cost effective returns to save you the hassle and to help make sure it is correct. Although most of our initial clients were UK citizens moving into Australia - we are no longer just a specialist firm for ex-pat Brits.

However, if you still have to file in both countries then through co-operation of the UK office and our office in Sydney we can

  • Complete both Australian and UK tax returns;
  • Handle both sides of the tax equation to avoid double taxation and simplify your affairs;
  • Advise those coming to the UK or moving to Australia on both tax and financial planning issues whether the move is expected to be short or long term;
  • Advise on tax planning issues such as the consolidation of UK and Australian pension provision including transfers to QROPS (qualifying recognised overseas pension scheme).

      We also have experienced and skilled partner companies who can assist you with your move, house sales or rentals, healthcare or visa needs.