Tax planning

Arriving in the UK

A specialist service to help you get your tax affairs in order when you arrive.

Not everyone arriving in the UK to live will have to prepare a tax return. Many citizens of the US and other countries are used to filing a tax return every year. In the UK you are only likely to file if you might owe tax. 

Our international tax specialists can guide your through the complexities and make it as easy as possible. If you can possibly speak to us before you arrive in the UK then we can help avoid problems arriving. We take you through a process to assess your UK and overseas tax position.

Some clients are fortunate enough to have employers who are willing to pay for this initial service (no harm in asking!), but it is almost always worthwhile taking advice. Even to determine the date from which you are liable to UK tax can sometimes be a challenging matter under the terms of the Statutory Residence test. Common sense is not always a reliable guide.

Once you know your residence position you can start to assess which income is liable to UK tax and whether you will be able to benefit from the non-domicile rules, which reduce the UK income tax in many cases. 

Arrivals from the US are particularly advised to seek specialist investment advice before investing in UK products. Standard UK ISAs can be extremely complex when you need to file your US return as the US does not recognise the tax free status.

We can also review your pension position if you are likely to be staying in the UK for a reasonable time.

Wherever you are coming from you will be made very welcome by our team. We aim to make UK tax as easy to manage as possible.