When academics enjoy relatively high earnings or have a tricky tax issue to resolve, they are selective about the advisors they choose...

Based in a city with a leading University we  work with a wide range of academic clients; many with complex international tax issues.

Some are in well-paid positions or have taken on outside commercial work and so require careful financial planning.  Some are facing difficult tax issues because they moved to the UK or worked overseas for a while.  Some have left academia to take up a new role, say, as a writer or broadcaster, or to start a company in biotechnology or other high-tech industry.

Whatever your situation, our team is well used to dealing with academics.

As well as acadmics in Cambridge, we also act for academics in London, Cranfield, Nottingham, Bristol and other Universities outside the UK.

Academics choose us because we're not the stereotypical 'boring' accountants, tax advisers, lawyers and financial advisers.  Our range of services is wider and our staff profile is different - you might describe us as brighter and more informal than most.  We know this because our academic clients tell us this is the approach that appeals to them.