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HMRC investigation

Expert tax investigation solicitors: Founded by an ex-inspector of taxes, Websters will help defend and reduce the impact of tax allegations made against you.

Expert tax investigation advice

A tax investigation can be a distressing situation to be in, and can sometimes negatively affect both your professional and personal life. Our specialist tax investigation solicitors work hard to reduce the chances of an investigation, and if necessary, assist you throughout the investigation process to limit the impact on your life.

Websters has amassed over the years a particular expertise in successfully advising and assisting clients with HMRC investigations. As more investigation units have been set up by HMRC, the number of investigations has inevitably risen. Our team of expert tax advisors will ensure that arrangements are negotiated with HMRC for sensible fees. 

We work hard to ensure that our clients reduce the chances of an investigation, and if that situation arrives, we have an experienced team of tax advisors to sort it as quickly and painlessly as possible. 

How do I know if HMRC is investigating me?

You won't actually be notified if HMRC is investigating your financial affairs - you will only be notified with a letter if they decide to move forward and legally investigate you.

How to prevent an HMRC investigation

Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) can reduce their risk by keeping efficient, clear records and working with their accountants to ensure their returns are all filed on time and everything they need to declare is stated. With careful planning, accurate accounting, and tax planning, we can ensure your risk of investigation is lowered even further.

HMRC investigation settlements 

We also offer a service to non-clients who are either under investigation by HMRC or who know they have not made complete and accurate tax returns. Settlements which we have negotiated have on occasion resulted in tax over £1m. 

Our role is to use our experience and expertise to negotiate the best possible settlement. Unlike most firms who make a particular feature of this work - we pride ourselves that most of the clients who come to us to handle an investigation or an Offshore Disclosure remain as clients for many years after the investigation is over. 

Why choose Websters

With over twenty years of experience in the tax industry, you can be assured that we will provide you with expert tax planning and advice to support you through this stressful situation - whether you are in the middle of an HMRC investigation, allegations have been made against you, or you just want to ensure that you are doing the most to prevent the possibility of an investigation, contact us for specialist tax advice.

If you know that you need to report an under declaration of tax then speak to us - our specialist tax advisors can hold a confidential and privileged meeting to help you decide whether to report the matter.

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