Cloud Accounting

Choosing the right software

Why not manage your accounts online with our own proprietary software, launched in 2003 and still going strong? If you prefer, you can use one of the newer brands such as Xero, QuickBooks or Sage. It’s entirely up to you…

We can let you into a secret. Ignore the marketing hype, there is little to choose between most of the main accounting packages available. They all do the same job. Some will have a particular feature that might make it more suitable for your business, but most do more or less the same thing. Most accountants can easily use most packages to prepare your accountants. Just make sure that your package is a true online accounting solution. This is the future as we have known for over 16 years.

So, if there is a package that you have seen, and you really like - then go for it. Otherwise we are happy to recommend. Half our team have a particular preference - the others don't. Our own software WebsterAccounts is the longest standing online accounting service in the UK and still works just as it should - now being fully MTD compliant.

There are some key differences which you should be aware of. Some packages are integrated with other database software which is designed around your business - e.g. to help manage stock for stationery retailers etc. You also need to know whether you want full security around being able to change transactions. If you, or a family member, keep your records then you will want to be easily able to edit transactions which have been entered incorrectly. If you are entrusting that task to an employee, then you will be more likely to want to stop them editing - to prevent them covering up fraud.

We always suggest that you first choose your accountant - and then see what they recommend for you.