Cloud Accounting Service

Keeping your records

The beauty of cloud accounting is that you collaborate with your accountant to keep the records. You decide how much of the work you want to do and delegate the rest.

If you are confused by the hype around Cloud accounting, then relax - we have been at the forefront of this development for over 16 years. We have long experience about what works well.

Whether you use our software or one of the many other packages you retain control over how much of the accounting work you want to do. Some want to keep costs low and record all their own transactions and then reconcile the bank account each month to check that all is well. Others give us a pile of paper invoices and we enter the transactions - but they use the software to know who owes them money. You can even change how you work from month to month depending on how busy you are. We put together a personalised package.

Our software is fully compatible with MTD, but we often recommend one of the more well-known packages such as Xero especially if you want to use one of the special features that they have built e.g. the bank feed.