Financial Advice

Planning for retirement

Advice to help you plan for a comfortable retirement

For many clients setting up a personal pension is the core of their saving strategy. Choosing the right policy for your pension is key and the tax benefits are the most significant driver.

Our advisers take time to understand your personal circumstances and to ensure that your pension fits within your overall financial plan and suits your risk profile. We often help people planning to maximise their contributions later in life as well as setting up modest plans for younger clients to build gradually over many years.

Many clients are drawn to the benefits of a SIPP allowing them a wider choice of investments and investment funds. Using a SIPP to purchase a commercial property remains a popular strategy despite the reduced numbers of SIPP providers who will allow this option.

Increasingly more wealthy clients are identifying pensions as a key strategy for Inheritance Tax planning - postponing draw down by utilising other savings to meet living expenses and leaving the pension for the next generation.

Whatever you plan to do in retirement our team can help you set up a suitable plan to save for it - whether within a traditional pension or alternative savings schemes.