Tax planning

Inward investment in UK

Non-UK businesses looking to set up or acquire a UK business need a specialist team of business and personal tax advisers and accountants.

We have acted for many years looking after companies owned by non-UK businesses. From one of the largest Belgian public companies to Hungarian investors wanting to set up a business using a UK company we act for a range of non-UK businesses.

Some arose because UK company clients were acquired by an overseas company with no UK advisers. Our international tax expertise and in-house legal team make us ideal to continue advising these companies avoiding the need for multiple advisers. We are used to interacting with overseas auditors and legal teams to give them essential information on the UK rules. 

Investors outside the UK are increasingly looking to operate a multinational business using a UK company as the parent - because of the wide spread of UK tax treaties and the widespread understanding of UK legal agreements. 

Our international team can advise the employees of the business whether UK hires or secondees from the parent company. In many cases this can involve share options schemes designed for US employers which require special treatment for UK based employees.