Self-Assessment tax returns

Our tax specialists make it easy to submit your annual tax returns and avoid any HMRC penalties. We help you pay no more tax than you are supposed to do.

On time, no pressure

If you're self-employed or a company director, you need to complete a self-assessment tax return every year and submit it accurately and promptly to HMRC.

Many people have tax issues that are not straightforward, and this makes completing your tax return more complicated.  As you no doubt know, if you're late or make a mistake, you have to pay a penalty.

Is this you?

  • Earning a high salary
  • Earning over £50K and claiming child benefit
  • Earning income from savings and investments
  • Foreigner living in the UK, with residency or domicile issues
  • Trustee
  • Capital Gains Tax due
  • Want to claim a rebate or relief

Our CTA and ATT qualified tax specialists particulary enjoy some of those more juicy challenges and we're happy to help with the simple stuff too, just give us a call to get started.