Tech Start-ups

Tech start-ups

Are you starting up a tech business, especially biotech? Then you need a professional adviser who understands you…

It's important to be confident you're on the same wavelength as your accountant, tax adviser, lawyer or financial adviser.

One of our very first clients left Scientific Generics in 1991 to become a consultant and has since set up several successful companies.  He's still a client to this day, so we must be doing something right!

Since then, we've become very used to dealing with management and scientific professionals, particularly in biotech and pharmaceuticals.  Other people we've advised include senior executives from:

  • Drug discovery company (VC-funded)
  • Public Limited Company manufacturing heart pumps (based in Australia)
  • Academics from Cambridge University who are undertaking outside commercial work

By the way, as a tech start-up, you obviously want to keep the cost of routine accountancy to a minimum.  One way to do this is by using our specialist accounting software (launched in 2003), as it makes our services more affordable. Other similar software is also available.

It's just one of the ways you can reply on us to support your business.