About us

What makes Websters different?

Our multidisciplinary team led by a former Senior Inspector of Taxes includes Chartered Accountants, Chartered Tax Advisers, a Solicitor and an Independent Financial Adviser.

Why us?

Accountants, lawyers, financial advisers and tax specialists are not made equal - the team at Websters are genuinely different. 

The company is predominantly owned by our employees. Everyone benefits from our success, so we attract (and retain) some of the best brains in the business - and our people are empowered to see things more broadly, so you benefit from a more holistic perspective.

We've always been forward-thinking, as evidenced by the proprietary online accounting software we launched in 2002 which is still working successfully today.

About half our work comes from client referrals - word of mouth is the best kind of marketing, and it means you can trust us to serve you well too.

About you

Most of our clients are profitable start-ups who are looking for their first accountant, want some legal advice, or have a specific tax question they need to be answered.

We also support high-earning individuals who need advice about their tax or investments, and anyone who needs specialist advice about UK, US or Australian tax matters.

But, if you don’t fit into those particular categories, don’t worry. Our broad range of expertise means we can probably help you anyway.

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