Tax Planning

Moving to Australia

Our team in Australia looks after your affairs in your new home.

If you are moving to Australia from overseas the we can help you resolve your tax problems. If you are moving from UK to Australia then we have considerable experience built up over 9 years of advising clients on this move.

Our team in Australia looks after your tax affairs in your new home. In most cases they also have sufficient expertise to be able to advise on the UK aspects - but if you have a specific need then our full UK team of tax advisers, accountants and solicitor can be brought in to advise. When the need arises our UK team advise on any negotiations with HMRC to bring your UK tax affairs to a conclusion. Occasionally, you may be retaining a significant interest in a UK business or investment property and you want us to prepare accounts or tax returns in the UK into the future as well as looking after your affairs in Australia.

If you are in business then you need an accountant who can prepare your annual accounts and VAT returns for the close of your UK business and for any new business you start in Australia. Our accounting team provides all the basics that you expect in a traditional accountancy firm but with the added expertise you need for the move.

The minimum fee for advice on your move is likely to be $1,000 or £500 – and typically the range is between two or three times this minimum figure.

The key to our success is highly trained specialists in a small team without the overhead associated with a large firm. Early adoption of web based working practices in the UK put us in a strong position to offer a service across two contents with only a small team.