Gary Eves

Joint Managing Director


Gary is the Joint Managing Director and heads our accountancy and business services including the WebsterAccounts online accounting service. On a daily basis he looks after a portfolio of clients, assisting them with their compliance and day to day needs.

In his role as team manager he assists the other accountants in their roles. Offering them the support and guidance whenever they should need it. Gary is essentially responsible for ensuring all our business tax clients receive the best possible service websters can offer.

He lives in Dersingham, a little trek up the A10 from our main Cambridge office, and heads up our new North Norfolk branch in Snettisham.

Personal hates

Gary hates shopping of any kind and has become somewhat of a master at delegating this chore to others. He also hates the A10 and the fact that people bring cakes into our Cambridge office on the days he's not there! Sorry about that Gary ;)

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