Corrie Deighton

Accountant/Software Development Co-coordinator - ACCA, Cambridge


Corrie first came to websters in 2002 as a temp to test our online accounting software prior to launching WebstersAccounts. The multi-talented Corrie is a qualified accountant and software development co-ordinator, but is quick to assure everyone she meets that she is neither boring or a geek.

Corrie's main role as the software developer co-ordinator for our interlinkt software includes ensuring the software meets our clients' needs, through continuous development, and she also provides valuable guidance to clients from setting up their business on the software to submitting their year-end accounts.

Her role with websters as an accountant is to prepare all the important stuff for Limited Companies, Partnerships and Sole-Traders such as annual accounts and tax returns. Corrie also specialises in helping clients if they have an HMRC enquiry into their accounts and tax affairs. Enquiries like this can be a difficult, stressful and time consuming process, and she works with Andrew to ensure that every enquiry is concluded with the minimum of stress and disruption to the clients, and that they only pay any taxes that are properly due. Working together Andrew and Corrie pride themselves on the level of service and attention to the individual clients' needs.

Most rewarding aspect of your role with websters

Corrie says that the part of her work she enjoys the most is offering ongoing training and help to clients on interlinkt accounting software as part of WebsterAccounts in a non-techy and friendly manner, and watching our clients grow as they take more control over their business accounts. She also really enjoys developing mutual business friendships with our clients' as they travel along this journey.

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