Tax trainee in US tax

Cambridge, Full time

What is the Role?

We are looking for someone to join our team of US Tax advisers - to learn to advise clients in the UK or Australia who need to file a US return. You will initially be offered full training to become an Enrolled Agent with the IRS - but will then widen that expertise to include either UK or Australian tax or UK financial advice. We currently have two Enrolled Agents in our Cambridge office.

What kind of skills will I need?

You will be the kind of person who is in or is considering a career in accountancy or finance. You will feel that you are task-focussed, with a good attention to detail, capable with Excel (though not to an expert level – no need for pivot tables but proficient with the basics), a quick learner with a mathematical mind. We would want someone who is willing to learn a new skill and is keen to progress.

Do I need previous experience?

If you already have some exposure to US tax - e.g. you are a US citizen and have filed your own then that would be a bonus but is certainly not essential. We are very willing to provide full training to the right candidate. 

What educational level should I have achieved?

We have no fixed views. The role could appeal to a graduate who is looking on this as an entry point into the tax profession, a school leaver with good results, or someone keen to progress from an administrative or junior finance position into a role which offers better prospects. 

Will you offer part time work?

This is a full time role but part time is certainly possible. However, you need to accept that unless you already have experience of US tax then there is a lot to learn. That will take time. That does not necessarily mean a full time position - but might mean doing additional study in the evenings if you are only able to work part time during the day. As a firm we have enabled people with family responsibilities whether for the young or the old to develop a worthwhile career part-time. 

Will I have to work in the office?

Most of our team now work mainly from home but are increasingly returning to the office for some of the time. Initially, you will have to work from the office until you have sufficient knowledge to be able to work more independently. 

To apply, please email: