The new Management Team at websters

the new management team at websters

With Anderson & Co joining websters to create a new expanded business this has meant an additional 10 people joining the overall team – and we are currently recruiting for another tax specialist in the UK and one in Australia. We were therefore prompted to reorganise our management team.

Chief Executive Andrew Webster said “Firstly, we wanted to recognise that the small team in Australia needed to be given more independence and separated from the two offices in Cambridge. As a result Joanne Lamberth will be Managing Director for Australia and Catriona Freebairn for Cambridge. Catriona will have a small management team including Liz Hooley, Solicitor and Adrian Doggett, Chartered Accountant. Andrew, John Anderson and Gary Eves will be the directors responsible for Change Management – largely Making Tax Digital and gradually combining best working practices from the two original firms.

Liz Hooley said “I have been with websters for 18 years and I am looking forward to helping grow the legal and private client services that the firm can offer.”

Andrew added “My role as Chief Executive is less about managing the day to day running of the business but looking forward to predicting the changes that are undoubtedly going to impact on all professional services companies. Our work is becoming increasingly international and greater links will be needed in Europe. In addition IT, which has already transformed the accountancy profession and online accounting, will become the norm – this is something we recognised back in 2003 with the launch of WebsterAccounts as an online accountancy service based on our own software.