New Tax Specialists 2022

As the longest serving of the tax team in the office I am delighted to announce that we have now been able to grow our specialist tax team. This means a particular increase in the expertise on US related tax matters. 

We have been very fortunate to be able to recruit Mark Rayner as our lead US tax specialist. He has over 30 years’ experience dealing with US and cross-border tax issues at Director-Level roles with several of the largest UK accounting firms. Mark rounds-out the skill-set of our international and specialist tax team. Responsibility for managing the whole websters tax team has now been taken over by Joanne Lamberth.  Jo has been with the firm for over 20 years and is now based in our Sydney, Australia office, where she specialises in UK-Australian cross-border advice. Bryony and Khushal, the core of our US tax team, recently left the firm.  We are sorry to see them both go.  Bryony had been with the firm since a few months after her graduation. We wish them both well in their new roles.

We are also delighted to welcome:

Jon Jones US Enrolled Agent and US Return Preparer who will be home based in Kent

Ivana Paul US Tax Return Preparer working in Cambridge office

Brandon Griffith US Tax Lawyer - working as a consultant in Los Angeles

They join US-UK tax junior, Andrew Chitty who joined us in 2021 - based in Cambridge

Going forward, Jo plans to integrate our US, UK and Australian tax specialists, to develop a centre of excellence in dealing with inter-jurisdictional tax issues. To improve the coodination on matters affecting more than one jurisdiction , several of our existing UK team will be enhancing their skills by training to work on US tax issues in addition to UK tax issues. This will allow us to augment the strength and depth of our US-UK-Australian client service. 

I feel very proud to have been able to build a team of truly exceptional tax specialists to look after the needs of our clients.  Very few firms have the breadth and depth of the skills exhibited in websters tax team -other the top 10 largest accounting practices.  The recruitment of Mark Rayner and our other new US tax specialists represents a real commitment by the firm to supporting our clients with these complex cross-border tax issues.  websters has always stood apart from other firms of its size, being prepared to invest in developing its people and recognising the tax complexities that arise from our increasingly globally-mobile working patterns.

We continue to anticipate that the US, UK and Australian tax interaction will continue to be the largest area of growth for websters in the near future and we look forward to further developing our team to meet those challenges.