Online Accounting

4 tips to Improve the sales process with Online Accounting

Online accounting offers many ways to help your business. These are four ways in which I find Xero can help improve the sales process. Other software may offer similar functionality, but Xero is my personal favourite.

I want to share with clients some ways in which I find Xero helpful. 

Invoicing on the go

With the use of the Xero app, invoices can be created, approved, emailed and accepted before you leave the client’s premises. All you need is your smart phone.  No need to wait till the end of the month to send your invoices or clients claiming they have never received them.

This was a perfect solution for a company selling medicine equipment while visiting doctors or medical staff as they could create new customers on the go and coupled with the fixed item pricing could easily create the correct invoice using the correct pricing structure and ensure that it has been received while making the sale and not having to take all the details down and having to wait until finance has created the invoice before discovering any mistakes.

Pay now

By using cloud accounting software to produce and send your invoices and if you have the facility for customers to pay by debit or credit card through the likes of Stripe or Paypal to name a two you can create a direct link enabled in the invoices to enable your customers to open that invoice and pay there and then using the big green ‘Pay Now’ button.

Especially as people are using their smart phones for everything nowadays this gives the customer to receive, approve and pay your invoice where ever they are and not have to wait until there are back in the office. Who doesn’t want to get paid quicker!


How synced is your quoting and invoicing systems? By using the quoting system within Xero you can produce quotes with the same look and feel as your other financial documentation. It also provides a simple CRM system as you can see what quotes have been accepted, rejected, need updating or chasing. But when it is time to invoice by a few clicks you can convert the quote into an invoice ready for sending knowing that the quote and the invoice match.

“Quoting to invoicing has never been simpler” says the director of a demolition company. I can now rest assured that the invoice matches the quote and not having to send time checking the invoice against the quote and ensuring it is the most up to date version too.


By using Xero projects in conjunction with Xero invoicing it is quick to see if you are on track with quotes and projects. You can produce reports to show which jobs are profitable once all allocated costs including time have been allocated to that particular project. This is a useful tool to see which type of work generates profit or of something has gone wrong it can be identified and resolved for future projects.

For a manufacturing and installation company this proved invaluable as previously though they had an understanding of time spent found it difficult to track additional costs such as travel and accommodation per project so didn’t have a true understanding of which projects were profitable or if there were additional costs that could be recharged