Important changes to Pension Auto Enrolment – Announced in the Autumn Statement 2015

We’ll be covering the subject of Pension Auto Enrolment much more over the coming months, but, one important change that was announced in the recent Autumn Statement was to do with dates for increases in minimum contributions.

The timing of the increases in minimum contributions employers and employees have to make have been deferred from Oct 2017 and Oct 2018 to align with the tax years, so have been moved back to April 2018 and April 2019 respectively.  This does not however effect your staging dates, this is just a deferment of the increase in contributions.

There is still quite a bit of confusion for both employers and employees regarding Pension Auto Enrolment, so we will be posting a blog with lots of useful information early in the New Year, and following up with regular mini blogs throughout 2016 to remind our customers of their responsibilities as an employer, information for their employees and any changes as they happen.

How you can stay up to date:

For further advice on Pension Auto Enrolment you can contact Gary Eves, Accounts and Business Team Manager, at or talk to him on 01223 507080/01485 544178.

Alternatively, you can attend any of our regular Pension Auto Enrolment events