Financial Advisors

Expert Financial Advisers with a difference

Websters' Cambridge-based team of experienced Independent Financial Advisors can give you expert, bespoke guidance on a wide range of financial issues.   Because we are independent, we look to the whole market to find the very best solutions to get you from ‘where you are now’ to ‘where you want to be at retirement.  From pensions and investments to savings, we are here to explain and to help you build the future you deserve. 

At Websters Financial Planning Ltd, we are in your corner and will always act in your best interest

We listen carefully to your requirements and tailor our services to meet your needs.  We want to get to know you.   Our financial planning process always includes time to meet with you (in person or via video) to get familiar with your present financial position and future needs.

We offer service levels that are tailored to your individual requirements.   Our wealth planning services range from single pieces of on demand advice, to seamless services that can help you keep control over your entire estate portfolio in the UK, and abroad, including the US.  We respect your assets, regardless of size.

We understand that you want to make smart decisions with your finances.  After all, that is why you have contacted us. 

if you are High Net Worth or Ultra High Net Worth, you just have a bit more to work with, and we can help you cope with that.

But all IFA's promise that. What makes Websters different?

Our financial advisers are also practicing UK personal tax specialists.  Depending on your circumstances we will choose on of our team to be your main point of contact but we use a collaborative approach and regularly bring in other team members to provide their expertise.  Whenever you have a question, we will respond promptly.

Our UK personal tax team regularly handles clients with Restricted Stock Unit awards, Investment portfolios, full annual allowance tapering and multiple tax residency issues.   Our US tax team will step in where clients with US reporting requirements need support regarding joined up UK/US tax treatment, planning for repatriation and US filings.

Our corporate team can be called upon to assist with succession planning for our owner-managed business clients and to deal with the practicalities of payroll and pension funding through your business.

Our in-house solicitor can be called upon to provide Inheritance Tax expertise, review estate plans, draft UK Wills, Deeds of Variation and Lasting Powers of Attorney, set up companies and charities, and effect other legal documentation as required.  This is key to ensuring that the structure of your financial plan will function as expected over time.

You have the support of the entire websters team.  Our teams are educated and professionally qualified to the highest standards.   We have US Enrolled Agents, UK Chartered Tax Advisers, Probate specialists, investment professionals, and former HMRC agents on our side.

Whilst we have the expertise to co-ordinate financial and estate planning, investment and risk management and tax in-house, where we need further support, we will source the appropriate expert.

What do Financial Advisers at Websters do?

At Websters Financial Planning, we act as your financial partner.   We take the time to listen to you and understand your situation.  If you are new to financial matters we can educate, so you understand why we are recommending specific courses of action and/or investments and how they fit into your individual plan. If you are already an expert then often the main contribution is structuring advice - or just a second pair of eyes. 

Our aim is to organise your finances, to simplify complex choices, to improve your decision making, and to build and protect your wealth - so you can maximise your enjoyment of it now - and in the future.

  • Acting as an impartial sounding board when considering major financial and life decisions
  • Discussing potential pitfalls
  • Helping you to enjoy your investment journey and maximise the positive impacts of wealth now and for future generations.

What services do we offer?

Our Core service offers a seamless solution of Financial advice including ISAs and Pensions, and UK Personal tax compliance work.

Our RSU (Restricted Stock Units) service adds additional time to cover tax planning and deployment of funds for vesting (income tax) and sale (Capital Gains tax) events, and a more complex UK tax return.

Our US Taxpayer service offers a seamless investment planning and tax reporting solution for individuals who have US reporting requirements.  In addition to a UK return, this service can include the production of a US return for individuals with US reporting requirements.

Our Private Client offering is a seamless service where a specialist adviser will be your main point of contact.  They work with our in-house team of experts, collaborate with your existing advisors and source any additional expertise to ensure that you are always receiving the very best advice.

Regardless of which service level you choose, our financial planning process includes time to explain goal setting and tax legislation, and to educate and provide clarity around the process of risk assessment and investment decision making.  Before any investment decisions are made, we will ensure we document our understanding of your current financial position, the income you will require to provide for your current and future needs, any expected future liabilities or inheritances, your tolerance for risk and capacity for loss and any other information that is pertinent.

Our fees and how we put your interests first

Our advisers are proud to be Independent Financial Advisers who can pick products and investments from the whole of the market.  We understand what to look for in an expert who has your best interests at heart.  We will collaborate with your existing advisors.  We will always fully disclose our fees and charging structures and explain the ‘why’ behind our recommendations.

Most clients choose to have an ongoing advice package with us, as this means we are available to offer support as a part of any decision-making process, helping you to navigate through tax, risk and legal issues on your financial and investment journey.

Where we act as discretionary investment managers, we may offer to charge fees for the management of the portfolio based on the size of the investment.   We will recommend an in-house fund where it is less risky and more cost effective to manage the funds as part of a larger discretionary fund, rather than on a bespoke basis.

We are here to help and can as much, or as little, as you wish.

High net worth individuals and wealth management services

Websters offers a variety of additional services for high net worth individuals - from tax planning, investment management, and inheritance tax planning, to bespoke wealth management solutions. 

Additional services for high net worth clients can include: 

Our Advisers

  • Acting as a financial coach, or counsellor
  • Monitoring the performance of multiple investment houses, ensuring they are working to mandate and allowing you to make comparisons. 


Our accounts team

  • Providing a financial management function where we work with you on a regular basis to help you to organise and manage your ''paperwork'' (it could all be online).
  • Making your online banking transactions: allowing you to save significant time whilst retaining complete security and control.