COVID-19 update:

Our offices are closed but most of our team are available to help you and your business. Free access to information that we have established for our own business or clients.

Coronavirus HMRC help

HMRC help

All the specific tax measures are brought together here - delaying your tax repayments to help your business survive.

VAT deferral

If you have a VAT payment due between 30 March and 30 June 2020 then this can be deferred, if you choose.

You must file your VAT return as normal but cancel any direct debit to avoid the tax being paid.

You must pay the VAT by 31 March 2021 - and then there will be no interest.

Payment on account due 31st July 2020

The normal requirement to make a payment in July 2020 is cancelled - the money will be due on 31 January 2021

Other late payment of tax

No automatic deferrment of other taxes - but if you cannot pay then HMRC advise that you contact them to discuss arranging time to pay. Interest will be due on any amount which you defer. Contact HMRC Time to Pay   

Or call HMRC’s helpline : 0800 024 1222.


HMRC have put live the first of their new portals allowing claims to be made for grants for furloughed staff. This went live on time on 20 April. Worth saying well done to the IT team working on this.

The portal for the self-employed. is due to be ready before the end of May.