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Our offices are closed but most of our team are available to help you and your business. Free access to information that we have established for our own business or clients.
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Our offices may be closed but we are still available to help you and your business. The team are working from home to continue to provide a service to a clients - but in addition we have free help on these pages

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Any recently announced information is on our Coronavirus Latest News blog 

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This practical guide summarises the issues which are important to out clients and does not attempt to duplicate all the many sources of advice which are available. If you have specific issues on your circumstances then contact us.


Businesses can claim 80% of the employment costs of employees who are furloughed. Understand what this might mean in practice to maximise your claim via the HMRC portal. The scheme will run until October 2020. 

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Loan Guarantee Schemes

There are now two loan schemes which will give banks security to lend money to businesses underwritten by the Government. On loans up to £250,000 they are without personal guarantees from the directors. After a slow start banks are now working in the spirit of the legislation. No fees are charged, nor interest in the first year.

CBIL - for larger businesses covers 80% of the loan

Bounce Back Loans - from £2,000 to £50,000 and 100% guarnteed

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Help for the self employed

Self-employed individuals (earning less than £50,000) who filed as self-employed on their return for the last tax year will be able to make a claim - up to £2,500 per month - limited to 80% of earnings from self-employment over the last three years.

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HMRC help

HMRC will allow all VAT registered businesses to defer VAT

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Help for Retail and hospitality

Additional help for clients in these fields

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Help for US clients

Additional help for clients who file returns in the US. The US Tax return deadline has been extended see Blog

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Help for Australian clients

Additional help for clients who file returns in Australia

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