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Our Cambridge and Snettisham offices are now open 9am-5.30pm Monday to Friday. We are still available as usual to help you and your business. Two thirds of the team are working from home to continue to provide a service to our clients. We are arranging meetings where this is necessary - but most are being held via Microsoft Teams. From 19 July the Government has removed all enforcement of COVID-19 restrictions, but emphasises the need for personal responsibility. As a business we feel our responsibility, for the time being is to continue to limit the risk of infection and health issues for our employees, our clients and their families. We will continue with our COVID-19 restrictions for the time being. Our offices remain open for clients to be able to deliver and collect records but we ask that they continue to wear a mask when doing so. Most of our team work from home: communication will continue to be easiest by telephone, email and video conferencing where appropriate. We hope that by taking these measures we will keep our employees and clients safe. We will continue to review our policy over the summer. Our Sydney office is in lockdown so there is no client attendance at our offices at all. All meetings are therefore by Microsoft TEAMS or Zoom.

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Any recently announced information is on our Coronavirus Latest News blog 

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This practical guide summarises the issues which are important to our clients and does not attempt to duplicate all the many sources of advice which are available. If you have specific issues on your circumstances then contact us.


The furlough system is in the process of being phased out and is due to cease at the end of October 2020.  Apart from under very limited circumstances, HMRC are only now accepting claims for staff previously furloughed.  To see our latest guidance on this, please click the ‘more details’ link below. 

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However, the Government has now announced a new scheme which will reward employers who retain employs who have been furloughed - worth £1,000 per employee.

More Details to follow

Loan Guarantee Schemes

There are now two loan schemes which will give banks security to lend money to businesses underwritten by the Government. On loans up to £250,000 they are without personal guarantees from the directors. After a slow start banks are now working in the spirit of the legislation. No fees are charged, nor interest in the first year.

CBIL - for larger businesses covers 80% of the loan

Bounce Back Loans - from £2,000 to £50,000 and 100% guaranteed

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Help for the self employed

The government has already paid one set of grants to Self-employed individuals back in July.  Now it has opened up applications for a second and final grant.  Applications must be made on or before 19th October 2020.   If you need any assistance with making a claim then please do not hesitate to contact us.  To see if you are eligible, please click the ‘more details’ link below. 

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HMRC help

There are numerous ways in which HMRC are helping businesses to survive, including tax payment measures.  They have also stated that VAT will not be due on PPE for the short-term.  Please click the ‘more details’ link below where we have brought all the measures together in a helpful guide.

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Help for Retail and hospitality

Additional help for clients in these fields

More details to follow

Help for US clients

Additional help for clients who file returns in the US. The US Tax return deadline has been extended see Blog

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Help for Australian clients

Additional help for clients who file returns in Australia

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