To allow you to try out the software we have created a separate version of the database which allows you to create your own log on. This is an exact replica of the live site – not a simulation.

You can use it to see how it can help you keep your records. If you are not familiar with accounting packages then it may appear complex – but with a little coaching you will soon learn to “filter out” those functions which you do not need on a day to day basis.
You can return to the site several times and we will have stored your data from your last visit. Please enter your User ID and password to gain access to your data stored on the Business Accounting website.

Normally with an accounting package there is work to be done at the outset setting up bank accounts, customer names etc etc. To help you get going quickly we have pre-entered some accounting transactions so that you can immediately start to see it working.

If you do not have a User ID and would like to have a look around the site then enter the small amount of data within the sign up area on the Login page and we will issue you your very own user account, which you may use for 2 weeks. This takes a little while so please be patient. Approximately 10 seconds on a fast link..