We are now able to offer clients a new way of managing their accounts online using WebsterAccounts – our professional online accounting service.

WebsterAccounts is designed to allow you to easily record all your business transactions throughout the year – saving time and money when it comes to preparing the final accounts at the end of the year.

The online system is suited to those clients who wish to take more day to day control over managing their own accounts within their business. Training and support is given to clients who sign up to use the online system.
There are a number of reasons why recording your accounts online might be suitable for you :

    • Data is entered once and is then available to both the business and its accountant. You can also give an offsite bookkeeper access to the system. You can all examine the data simultaneously and the accountant can advise on how to enter transactions correctly, leading to long-term savings in accountancy time correcting errors or omissions.
    • No need to back-up data – this is dealt with centrally. For additional reassurance there will soon be a facility to extract all your own transactions from the database into a spreadsheet.
    • The only piece of software you will need is an internet browser (e.g. Netscape, Internet Explorer).
    • The reports facility means that you can call up the information you want at any time in order to assist with your planning and forecasting.
  • The software is not platform-specific. You can access your online accounts using a PC, a Mac or even a web-enabled personal organiser from anywhere in the world, making it particularly useful for regular business travellers.