How much will I pay for the service?

The beauty of the online system is that you may chose the level of involvement you take in your accounting – and you can change that level of service over time. So you only pay for what you need.

This means that we do not offer a one-price-fits all solution. We charge £10 +VAT per month plus the cost of our time. This is not a software product but access to our well-established infrastructure to provide advice and support.

What is the minimum cost in the first year?

Although we do not have any minimum pricing – in practice most people with a small limited company usually pay between £1,000 and £1,500 +VAT per annum. This would include support in the first year for setting up your accounting records in the most efficient way and in subsequent years for the preparation of your accounts. We normally ask for this to be paid by standing order or direct debit.

What about setting up an existing business with a previous accounts history?

Some clients have actually gone back through their accounting records and entered all the transactions as a learning exercise and to have a full set of accounts in one system. For most businesses this is not practical. We can explain how to set up your opening balances or will do this for you.

What about the cost of alternative software packages?

If you prefer to use an alternative accounting package then you will normally buy that software from the supplier direct. We do not normally act as a reseller – since we want to be impartial about the advantages and disadvantages of other products.

To find out more about the pricing structure for our Online Accounting Services, please call us at +44 (0)1223 507080 or email at

Our software has been updated to comply with MTD and we are currently waiting for HMRC approval