Income tax planning for the individual can make a significant difference to the tax you pay. By planning, you ensure your have the time to take advantage of opportunities available to you and therefore minimise your tax commitments now and in the future.

As an employee you may be offered employee benefits and websters can advise you as to the tax implications and possible tax planning that can be achieved. A company pension is an important area to review as it can be a source of tax relief, whether payments are made by your employer, yourself or both of you.

For those individuals who are self-employed, company directors, high earners, large investment portfolios, or indeed those with complex tax affairs who must complete a self-assessment tax return,careful planning can make a huge difference in the final payments you need to make.

websters have, over the years, built a wide client base of individuals, including academics, consultants, high earners and those with complex needs and all such individuals benefit from websters’ experience, integrated approach and creative thinking.