Whatever your age or size of your potential estate, websters can advise you on the steps you can take to minimise or mitigate the Inheritance Tax (IHT) liability on your estate. Currently the IHT rate is set at 40% on estates which have a value of in excess of £325,000.00. websters can advise you as to the IHT planning measures you can take to ensure that your family is not burdened with a significant IHT liability on your death and make you aware of the various IHT reliefs and exemptions that are available.

webster can also assist in the preparation of Wills to ensure that not only your estate passes to those beneficiaries of your choosing and in tax efficient manner.

For individuals with more complex needs estate planning may require the setting up of trusts. websters can provide legal and tax advice on the setting up of trusts and assist with the administering these going forward.