It is important to draw up a Will so you can ensure that that the people you wish to benefit on your death do so. Our solicitor can prepare wills and codicils with either simple provisions or more complex trust arrangements depending on your family circumstances. We will ensure that when drafting your Will consideration will be given to the inheritance tax liability of your estate and ensure your assets are passed on tax efficiently. websters legal team have particular experience in setting up Wills for individuals who have remarried and have children from previous relationships.

websters can also advise on the setting up of deeds of variation following the death of an individual to ensure that a family can benefit from more tax efficient distribution of assets than under that individual’s Will or where that individual has not left a Will and has died intestate.

Lasting Powers of Attorney are becoming increasingly popular as we live longer and wish to put in place arrangements if our physical and mental health deteriorates. A lasting power of attorney is a legal document which lets you appoint people you know and trust to make decisions on your behalf. This document can then be used if you become unable to make your own decisions.

websters legal team can help you draw together your lasting power of attorney, decide which approach is best for you, and help you complete the appropriate forms and register with the Office of the Public Guardian.

In addition websters can prepare general Powers of Attorney appointing an individual to act as your attorney to sign documentation for a specific transaction for a specific period of time.