websters are an exceptional team comprising of an ex-senior inspector of tax (with over 35 years experience), chartered tax advisers, qualified accountants and a solicitor who specialises in legal advice for individuals and small businesses.

Our customers turn to us for help and advice across the areas of taxation (including help filing tax returns), legal, accountancy and financial planning.

Some of the most common requirements you may need help with are:

How to plan – Taxation

Clear advice is essential when you are reviewing your overall tax position.

Preparing your Tax Returns

A team of experts to help take the stress out of preparing your tax returns!

Preparing your Accounts

Whether you have set up a Limited company, a simple partnership with your spouse for self-employed income – or are a large partnership or LLP  then we can help.

Inheritance tax, planning for the inevitable

Nobody likes to accept it but the only two certainties in life are said to be death and taxation. See how far you can at least reduce one if not avoid the other.

Legal advice

Clear advice is essential when you are reviewing any legal document. We help explain the purpose of the document and the meaning of the clauses.