Perspective from a client: Colin Hodges, who has joined us temporarily as an intern!


I first became a client of websters back in 2006 when I approached the practice for assistance in relation to some stock options that I had been granted whilst living and working overseas. I was very pleased with the advice and support received, and have on a number of occasions since then returned to Andrew and the team for assistance with taxation enquiries.

Anticipating the conclusion of a long-standing position in an investment company earlier this year I decided – in a rash moment – to sign up for the AAT exams hosted by the Chartered Institute of Taxation. After four months of increasingly intense studies I took the exams in May and am currently awaiting the results. With my head swirling with taxation computations and section references to the various Finance Acts, I called Andrew to see if there was any way I could observe from the inside the operation of a real-life taxation and accountancy practice.

I spent two weeks in June in the Cambridge office of websters, including a couple of days in the sister office in Histon. It was fascinating to witness close at hand how client’s affairs are managed, in particular the care and attention that is given to the administration of individual tax files and the need to manage carefully the integrity of information exchanged between client, websters and HMRC, and the related IT system requirements. I was also impressed to observe the ability of a small business to be able to operate effectively as a team but at the same time for clear specialisms to be developed and applied to particular client circumstances as required – for example in relation to international taxation and estates and inheritance.

My internship has encouraged me to stay up to date with my studies and hopefully to be able to be more confident when I encounter taxation issues in the future in both personal and professional capacities.

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