HMRC launch a new campaign targeting those with second jobs


HMRC have launched a new crackdown aimed at those with second jobs or additional income and who haven’t declared their untaxed earnings. The Second Incomes Campaign gives you the chance to bring your tax affairs up to date if you’re employed and have additional income that’s not taxed through the PAYE system.
A second income could come from:
• Consultancy fees, e.g. for providing training
• Organising parties and events
• Providing services like book keeping, taxi driving, hairdressing, fitness training, electrical, plumbing and building etc.
• Making and selling craft items
• Buying and selling goods, e.g. at market stalls, car boot sales, or online selling sites such as eBay
If you have overlooked telling HMRC about a second income, HMRC have agreed to give you the best possible deal if you notify them as soon as possible that you want to take part in this campaign and make a voluntary disclosure. HMRC will allow you four months in which to pay any tax you owe.
If you don’t make a voluntary disclosure and HMRC finds out later that you owe tax, you could get higher penalties or face criminal prosecution.
If you have received any untaxed income and are unsure whether you need to tell HMRC about it we are more than happy to discuss this with you. For more information about making a voluntary disclosure and how to tell HMRC about your undeclared income please contact Andrew Webster on 01223 507080 or via email

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