John Anderson

About John Anderson

Director, Accounts, Tax and Business Advice Team - FCA

John manages our North Cambridge office in Histon, overseeing the business and tax team. He also has his own portfolio of clients, generally dealing with larger businesses but also smaller self-employed accounts and personal tax work.

John was born in Leeds, went to university in St Andrews and qualified as a Chartered Accountant in London. He moved to Cambridge in 1986 just after getting married intending to stay a year then move back to Leeds. Due to Cambridge being such a good place to live and such a vibrant business focussed city, this move never happened. He worked in practice in Cambridge until 1993 when he set up his own accountancy practice Anderson & Co. This grew rapidly from just John and an empty office to employing 11 staff. In April 2017 Anderson & Co joined with Websters to become the North Cambridge office.

Having set up and run a business, he appreciates the problems that a business has but also the benefits that this can provide. He is well placed to be able to advice on business and tax matters having had to deal with this himself.

Hobbies and interests

He lives in Cambridge and has a reverse commute to work, sometimes cycling, but only when the weather is fine. Any outdoor activity is likely to be of interest and he is a keen rower with Champion of the Thames Rowing Club which despite its name is a Cambridge club named after the Pub on King Street in Cambridge. Fair weather cyclist, reluctant runner, keen swimmer, but only outdoors and preferably cold water. Any spare time is used up with his allotment, a bit of walking, reading, theatre and occasionally some time with his wife and family. Unfortunately still a Leeds United supporter despite the never ending cycle of pain that this brings with every football season.