Andrew Webster

About Andrew Webster

Founder of websters

After establishing websters 26 years ago, Andrew is still very much leader of the team pushing for growth and development. With 40 years of tax experience (Andrew was a tax inspector!) he guides the team on all aspects of tax planning for individuals and their businesses.

Andrew tells us that the most enjoyable part of his work for clients is helping people solve their problems, because while two transactions can appear similar, they can have hugely different tax consequences. Andrew is skilled in not only paying attention to the details to ensure he gives the right advice, but he also is quick to remind us that the most important aspect of the process, and something he enjoys immensely is working with a client to understand what they want to achieve, and sometimes even help them to understand what it is they want to achieve. The people, the client, is always what is the most interesting, says Andrew.

Hobbies and interests

Outside of work music is Andrew's biggest passion, and his family are the main priority. With musical talent running throughout the family he is able to enjoy plenty of time playing the guitar, and recently has taken up the Mandolin to give himself a new challenge.