Our team has unrivalled expertise in dealing with media & creative clients of many kinds.

Our very first media client in 1994 was a fashion model who became a successful actress. Since then our clients have included writers, actors, film production companies, agents for technicians, advertising & design agencies, musicians and dancers. Our Chief Executive has always had a strong interest in this area as a long-time part-time self-employed musician. One of our financial advisers David Taine was for many years a professional classical musician in New Zealand, Australia and the UK.

Central to our strategy is that we help you keep your costs for routine accountancy work to a minimum with our specialist accounting software. Launched in 2003 it was a world leader in web based accounting.

We understand that clients working in this sector often find the paperwork difficult to deal with. We have a range of ways to help; from helping you recruit your own PA with the right financial skills to keep on top of the paperwork to dealing with the work on your behalf.