High Net Worth

For 23 years our team has been looking after the affairs of wealthy people – especially those how have made their own money. They value the one stop approach to advice on tax planning, prepare tax returns and want to be able to speak to a range of experts without losing the family feeling of a small team who care about the clients.

We have clients worth tens of millions – but the key area would be those with assets in the range of £1m-£10m.

Cambridge History

The team has witnessed the growth of Cambridge since 1990 and the increase in the number of people with money. Individuals with tens of millions of personal wealth are not uncommon – although most of our clients have significantly less. Share options have allowed a wider group of employees to benefit than is traditionally the case with more traditional Entrepreneurs who start businesses.

Tax Planning

Our tax specialists help manage your affairs so that you pay no more than the right amount of tax. We are regularly described by our clients as imaginative. We have never pushed artificial off-the-peg avoidance strategies – and this is now paying dividends as HMRC are successfully challenging many such schemes. Our skill lies in interpreting your long term financial goals and recommending the most appropriate way to structure your affairs so as to achieve those goals without paying quite so much tax.

Tax Returns

Our team will prepare your tax returns in the UK – whether for individuals or companies or limited liability partnerships – whatever the tax planning strategy dictates is the best course of action. A full accountancy service backs up this tax service.

Many of our clients have an international dimension to their tax affairs. So we can assist in the preparation of Australian and US tax returns as required.

Financial & Legal Advice

The one stop approach brings together your tax, legal and financial planning into a comprehensive package.

For some clients this involves advice from our Independent Financial Advisers but in others we work with your existing advisers. The unified time means that information can be gathered once and used for tax planning, returns, wills, probate and financial plans.

We also have a close tie with a new venture CamPA which provides personal assistant services to individuals as well as businesses.