The University of Cambridge occupies a central place in the city and we act for a significant number of academics. As well as Cambridge University we also act for academics in London, Cranfield, Nottingham, Bristol and Universities outside the UK.

Since the firm grew from tax consultancy origins we have always attracted clients with relatively high earnings who clearly understood that they could benefit from careful tax planning.

We have built a team with unrivalled expertise in dealing with academics, usually those undertaking outside commercial work. Although not all our clients have significant income, others may just have difficult tax issues e.g. because they moved to the UK or have periods working overseas.

Our clients include many who have left academic positions to take up new roles including writers, broadcasters etc. As well as many clients who have started biotechnology or other hi-tech companies.

One reason why we have so many academic clients is that our staff profile is different from many accounting firms and we do not conform to the stereotype of boring accountants. The range of services and our intelligent but informal style of dealing with clients tends to appeal to academics.