Providing Audits


websters has now launched its audit service. Our team has been expanded with three new recruits and we now have 75 years of auditing experience in the firm from PLCs to charity audits.

In the commercial sector, an audit is normally of benefit when the owners of a business are not the day-to-day managers. However our focus in commercial auditing will be on those companies were the owners still retain a significant role in the management of the business either directly or through family members. This allows us to bring to bear the full range of our expertise on tax, financial and legal advice relating to owners managed businesses which we have built up over the last 25 years.

A key area of overlap will be for companies which have secured EU finance for research and development. There is a need to understand the tax implications of R&D tax credit but many claims need to be signed-off by a registered auditor. Therefore the combined expertise is essential to offer a proper service.

Our audit team has particular expertise in certain public sector bodies especially school academies and are “owned” by the trustees. We are pleased that several Cambridge schools and others further afield have moved across with our new audit team.

The auditing function is led by Peter Howard-Jones who has joined websters as director of audit and corporate finance. His colleagues Julie Weaver and Kevin Bower have also joined the team.

For regulatory purposes the audit is carried on by a separate legal entity called Peter Howard Jones Ltd.  If you would like to talk to us about any aspect of auditing then we are happy to arrange a free initial discussion.

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